Friday, November 09, 2007

How your right brain can help your left brain

The latest issue of Writer's Digest has several articles dedicated to how the brain works - its left-side and right-side functions and how they can work together. Most of us have a dominant hemisphere, either the logical, linear left-brain, or the more creative, better at spacial relationships, right brain. All of us can benefit from attempting to use both hemispheres on a more regular basis. For those of us who are left-brained, this means nurturing our creative side a bit more. Every one of us can find some creative outlet we enjoy, whether that be a traditional art form like painting or drawing or something more geared to domestic endeavors such as gardening, sewing, or experimenting with cooking. Taking a break from "left-brained" activities will actually help us be more productive when we return to them. It also might provide a new insight into how to approach a problem that has been challenging us in a new way.

On my website, I have a whole section devoted to Creativity because I believe it is such an integral part of what it means to be human and to be made in the image of God (the ultimate Creator). Check it out for some ideas on how to bring more creativity into your life.

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