Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Using Our Gifts for the Lord

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in our own little world and to focus on what we perceive to be our weaknesses. It is easy to look at those we admire and think how wonderful their contributions are to the world and how many lives they have touched. We may pale in comparison. I was thinking about this earlier today. I am blessed with friends who have done some truly amazing things. My life was feeling mighty small in comparison. But then I came upon today's first reading and it reminded me how each part, each life, even the smallest, is important. We are each called to use the particular gifts God gave us to the best of our abilities in the situations in which we find ourselves. This is what the Lord asks of us and I can take comfort in that.

Brothers and sisters:
We, though many, are one Body in Christ
and individually parts of one another.
Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us,
let us exercise them:
if prophecy, in proportion to the faith;
if ministry, in ministering;
if one is a teacher, in teaching;
if one exhorts, in exhortation;
if one contributes, in generosity;
if one is over others, with diligence;
if one does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.

Romans 5:5-9

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