Friday, November 21, 2008

Knights of Columbus Bookclub

The Catholic Company is working with the Knights of Columbus to promote that organization's monthly Supreme Knight's book club to more Catholics around the nation. The Knights of Columbus Book Club is a nationwide reading and study of a Catholic book that is bolstered by a monthly online chat with the Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, and often the author of that month's book club selection, or an
expert on the topic of the book. Each month readers can ask questions
during the live online chat that takes place the last week of each month.

The Catholic Company is selling a subscription to the Knights of Columbus
book club. There is no initiation fee or annual cost for the subscription;
subscribers simply pay for each book and receive a 20% discount on each
selection. Each month The Knight of Columbus Book Club subscribers
automatically receive the current book selection in plenty of time to read
it before the online discussion. To learn more about the Book Club
Membership, please visit:

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