Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Prayer to St. Jude for the Depressed

This prayer came in the mail today in a book of prayers to St. Jude. It is the first time I have seen a prayer for those who are depressed. It is directed to St. Jude, but could just as easily be addressed to God or Jesus or your favorite saint.

St. Jude, friend to those in need,
I am weary from grief, without joy, without hope,
struggling through the dark night of the soul.
I turn to you, my most trusted friend.
Take away this emptiness and the pain of my broken heart.
In your compassion, wipe away the tears and carry me to a place of peace.
Too long have I been blind to the goodness of God's world.
Heal me. I yearn to feel, to bathe in light and joy.
Envelop me in brightness, and do not hold back.
And I promise, if you should see me fit to receive these gifts,
I will share them always. Amen.


Unknown said...

I got the same booklet after losing a couple of babies. Its been a Godsend! My fiance and I pray this prayer every night for an end to his depression...its working wonders!

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

So glad to hear this!

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