Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ebay Explorations - Trading Cards and Paintings for Sale

Yesterday in Social Studies, the boys learned about starting a business. They were extremely eager to start one of their own, but they couldn't think of any skill or product they could offer at the moment. I told them they could sell some of their extra Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards on Ebay if they wanted. We had a very interesting educational afternoon as a result. They sorted their cards into different lots to sell, and I took photos of them. Then we logged onto Ebay and figured out how to list the items. The boys decided what they wanted to charge for them and how much we needed to charge for shipping and handling. Each of the boys has two items listed at the moment. While we were at it, I decided to list two of my paintings. If you are interested in any of these items, here are the links:

Pokemon Ponyta and Rapidash Cards starting bid 50 cents.

Pokemon 8 Cards - all 50 HP starting bid 99 cents

Yu-Gi-Oh 12 pack mixed lot starting bid $1.50

Pokemon 70 Card Mixed Lot - Lots of Fun! starting bid $4.00

Anna's Tree 9' x 12" original watercolor starting bid $24.99

Reaching for the Sky 9" x 12" original watercolor starting bid $24.99


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