Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finding Joy This Christmas

This quote comes courtesy of Monsignor David Joyce writing at

Joy is a gift. But it is also a virtue, which we can develop and nourish. When we see it in others, we know it's there, although we're hard pressed to define and describe it. . . The joyful person has within himself a core conviction: God is present - his Son nourishes me - the Spirit guides me - what more do I need?

How do I get that joy? Can I buy it? Isn't that sometimes the temptation of Christmas - if we have enough "stuff," everybody will be joyful. Experience has taught most of us that the opposite is often true.

Most importantly, we can pray for that gift, and then we can nourish it by thanksgiving - gratitude for life - my own and the lives of those whom I love and who love me - despite our shortcomings. . .

And so when I wish you a merry and joyful Christmas, I'm not wishing you something external to yourself. No, I'm hoping you'll open your heart to the Son of God, Jesus, who already makes his home within you, and who is your source of joy - in this season and always.

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