Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Prayer to St. Jude for the Depressed

I was cleaning out my prayer drawer today and came across this prayer. It seemed particularly appropriate for this time of year which is so difficult for those of us who suffer from depression. (Thankfully, I've been doing better than I usually am this time of year, but I know the darkness can settle in at any moment. I'm taking life one day at a time.)

St. Jude, friend to those in need, I am weary from grief, without joy, without hope, struggling through the dark night of the soul. I turn to you, most trusted friend. Take away this emptiness and the pain of my broken heart. In your compassion, wipe away the tears and carry me to a place of peace. Too long have I been blind to the goodness of God's world. Heal me. I yearn to feel, to bathe in light and joy. Envelop me in brightness and do not hold back. And I promise, if you should see me fit to receive these gifts, I will share them always. Amen.

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