Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How and Why to Return to Confession

Last week, I posted an article from the National Catholic Register on "How and Why to Return to Mass." Today, I offer it's counterpart, "How and Why to Return to Confession."

1 The presence of sin can easily lead to depression and anxiety.

2 You shower to show respect for those around you. Cleansing your soul makes you better to be around, too!

3 Mortal sin, unconfessed, “causes exclusion from Christ’s Kingdom and the eternal death of hell, for our freedom has the power to make choices forever, with no turning back” (Catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 1861).

4 As they leave the confessional, people smile a smile of freedom.

5 Because love means having to say you are sorry to the one you love.

6 You will grow in humility, sincerity and self-knowledge.

7 Blessed Mother Teresa went. Frequently.

8 Hoping to convert on your deathbed? That’s not very likely. Most likely, you will die as you lived.

9 It is itself a serious sin to go to Communion if you have serious sin on your soul and have not asked for forgiveness in confession.

10 Don’t be scared to death of confession. Be scared of death without confession.

11 Be strong. Face your sins; deal with them and move on.

12 Make sure there are no unpleasant surprises at your particular judgment or at the Final Judgment.

13 The priest will listen to your sins and will never tell a soul on pain of losing his soul. Priests even learn to forget what they hear.

For the full document, visit How and Why to Return to Confession

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