Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homeschool Connections Offering Free Course

Unlimited Access! Unlimited Learning!

Homeschool Connections has made a wonderful change that can make the upcoming months great (and even easier :-) for Catholic homeschool parents ..

Starting right now, they are offering Unlimited Access to over 70 middle and high school courses -- for the price of just one typical online course elsewhere (Really!). Plus, you can try it out FREE (more below!).

They call it the NEW Homeschool Connections Unlimited Access Program --

A way to give your children all kinds of courses without having to pay for each and every course ... Because now they give you unlimited access to ALL of Homeschool Connections' fully-recorded courses for one year, for only $330. One full year for the whole family!

That's a one-time cost for OVER 70 complete courses for middle and high school students. Prefer a monthly payment? They also offer a Subscription Service for $30 per month for as long as you need it--begin at any time, end at any time--and get full access to --

Math, science, literature (19 different courses, including Shakespeare, American, & English Lit), writing (middle school through college and fiction writing), philosophy, theology, geography, ancient and world history (Greek, Roman, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern), American history, test prep & career search skills, personal finance, foreign language (German, Spanish, Latin, American Sign Language), government, micro & macro economics, logic, law, archeology -- and more ...

Here's what's so great about it: With No Per Class Charge and No Per Pupil Charge -- You get access to everything for your immediate family --

Have the freedom to choose any class, any time.
Complete classes at your own pace, at any time of day.
Traveling? Schedule change? Take these classes from anywhere in the world. Got Internet -- then you can connect with us.
Choose from two ways to take your courses: Watch-and-Learn with all the support materials and answer keys to easily grade your children's work ... OR Instructor Access where, for an additional fee, the original instructor grades homework for you. We work to make life and homeschooling easier for you.
Any student can take these courses -- Homeschool students, Catholic school students, private or public school students, students who are enrolled in a home study program, unschoolers ... anyone in middle or high school! Even parents take our courses!

100% of parents and students surveyed said they LOVE the unlimited recorded courses and 96% would recommend it to their friends ...

Here are a few recent words from students ...

"Passionate instruction!"
"Very clear ... and fun!"
"These courses are wonderful!"
"An amazing job in presenting the material ..."
"Helped me with my faith ..."
"[My instructor] passed his love of the material on to the students."
"My instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate ..."
"The class challenged me to really think ...
[The instructor] presented the material in a captivating manner and I actually found I really enjoyed it."

Whether you have one child or many -- When you need or want a tutor outside the home, this is a helpful service -- for excellence in academics, putting faith into action, and inspiring lifelong learning. We're here for you.

Think about all of the great courses that will be ready for you to use -- unlimited -- all year long. And think about how much money you can save (!).

Want more information before signing up ...

Free Trial Course!
Not sure what an online course looks like? Wondering how it works and how easy it is?

Well, here's your chance!

For the next few weeks (through Dec. 30, 2011) you can have full access to one of their online recorded courses. Click on the course title below. Then click on the button: Login as a guest to take your test drive. .. but hurry--this will only be open for a short time.

Modern American History taught by Phillip Campbell

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