Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Joseph's Day

Tomorrow (March 19th) is the feast of St. Joseph. The Knights of Columbus have a very good article on how St. Joseph should be the model for all husbands and fathers. It also offers a new (old) take on Joseph's original decision to divorce Mary quietly when he found out that she was expecting Jesus:

A number of the early Church Fathers explained that Joseph did not decide to divorce Mary quietly because he suspected her of adultery or because he was perplexed by her sudden and humanly inexplicable pregnancy. Rather, knowing that Mary was pregnant "by the power of the Holy Spirit," Joseph was convinced that he was unworthy to be so close to the work of God and decided in his humility to step aside. . . .Mary, in her love for Joseph, had likely informed him of this fact before the arrival of the angel. Knowing Mary's goodness and holiness, Joseph believed what Mary had told him and made an act of faith. The angel instead came to assure Joseph that God wanted him to accept Mary into his house as his wife. In doing so, Joseph would legally adopt the child Mary was carrying in her womb and become the foster father of God's Son.

Please read the full article: St. Joseph, a Father for Fathers

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Denise said...

I love that explanation of Joseph's actions! Thanks for sharing.

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