Sunday, March 04, 2012

Thoughts on Clutter

I recently received a free copy of the December 2011 issue of Practical Homeschooling Magazine. It is a Christian magazine about homeschooling and life lived with God. It was interesting to read through. One article that caught my eye was "Clutter will Cramp Your Style" by Don Aslett.

I'm still working on my "40 Bags in 40 Days" project - although this year, it seems to be more like 40 Bags in 6 months. That's OK. I'm still making progress, even if it is not as quickly as I might like. I've done 25 bags so far.

Aslett writes:

There's no escape from the toll clutter takes on our life. The most valuable "someday useful" junk will stymie our emotional freedom if we let it pile up on is. We can't hide our junk in a deep-enough hole or in obscure-enough corners to keep it our of our mind. Once physically discarded, it's also discarded from our mind and we're free from keeping mental tabs on it. But as long as we own it, we'll mentally tend it. We feel obligated to use our junk, whether we need it or not. If we don't or can't use it, then we worry about why we have it all! Junk will get you - don't sit and argue that it won't!

Let the bagging continue!

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