Wednesday, July 18, 2012

92% and Perfect Babies

92% and Perfect Babies is a powerful article written by a young woman whose mother was told to have an abortion because her child was guaranteed to have Down's Syndrome and to be severely impaired. Needless to say, her mother did not take the advice.

Cindy Bird writes: I feel a sense of grief at my fellow 92% who tested positive and didn’t get the chance to live like I did. I also feel angry and indignant at those who insist, preach even, that no life is better than a difficult one. I wonder, would they feel so strongly if the life in question were their own? It is humbling to consider that we are all here because someone said “yes” and wanted us to be here. Not just our mothers, but our God. What is going on in our culture is sobering and we need to speak up for those who don’t have anyone to defend them in the womb.

Please consider sharing this article. When it comes to the unborn, so much is at stake. We must do all we can to help change hearts and minds.

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