Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trusting in God's Generosity

Last Thursday, I had the rare opportunity of having a few hours to myself. I had the pleasure of stopping by the Mother of God Dominican Monastery in West Springfield, MA and spending some time in adoration. When I was leaving, I lit a candle, and made my way to the offering box.

The suggested donation for a candle was $2. No problem. . . Until, that is, I opened my wallet and discovered that all I had was one 20 dollar bill. I unzipped my change purse and was greeted with a collection of pennies. I ruefully remembered I had put all my silver change into a parking meter the previous Saturday.

What to do? I now had two choices. I could either walk way, trusting that God would understand I had fully intended to make the donation when I lit the candle (which I am sure He would have), or I could drop the $20 into the box. I debated with myself for a moment, then folded up the $20 and slid it in. "God will repay me," I thought. Somehow, He always does. I then didn't think much more about it.

Well, earlier this week - I got an unexpected check in the mail for $3.29. It wasn't the full amount, but I smiled when I got it, knowing that God was indeed paying me back. Well, today I got another unexpected check for $20! God gave me back the full amount with interest! Thank you, God!

I can't tell you how many times I've had this happen in my life. I never try to "test" God, and if the money doesn't come back it doesn't come back (life isn't about money, after all), but I have learned to trust in God's generosity. This was but another example of it playing out in my life (perhaps so I could share this testimony with all of you.)

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