Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Easy Evangelization

Evangelization makes a lot of Catholics feel uncomfortable. We tend to be more private about our faith. Even if we bring our faith into all that we do, we don't necessarily want to talk about it. Yet, evangelization is something that every Christian is called to do.

The Catholic Mirror (the Diocesan Publication for the Diocese of Springfield) runs a column called "In the Know with Fr. Joe." His most recent column dealt with evangelization. He offers some great advice. I especially liked these ideas for incorporating evangelization into everyday life:

For a lot of us, the problem can be that when we think "evangelize," we think of extensive travel or loud preaching. Some people are called to missionary evangelization, but if you have a job and family, odds are that God is calling you to evangelize in your everyday life. Start at home by treating your spouse with respect and honor. Treat your kids like the treasures they are - show them the importance and value of faith. At work, be on time, work hard, avoid gossip, be kind to the outcasts - all of these things are forms of evangelization.

It reminds me of the famous adage of St. Francis: Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary, use words.

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