Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do You Pray Aloud With Others?

Some people are very good at praying spontaneously out loud with others. Me? I stink at it. Sure, I am happy to pray aloud at Mass, say the rosary with others, or say a "Hail Mary" in a group. I very willingly offer up a private prayer for anyone who may need or ask for one. I love to pray! But if someone asks me to lead a spontaneous prayer, honestly, well, I'd rather be at the dentist. (That may be a slight exaggeration, but not much of one!)

Pat Gohn has a great article on how to conquer one's fears and do just that: Ask, Seek, Knock. I've met Pat in real-life. She is a wonderful woman with an effusive personality. She hosts a popular Catholic podcast, "Among Women" and was definitely made to reach out to people both in person and via in-person media. I can understand how this type of prayer is easy for her.

I, on the other hand, am the extreme introvert, the wall-flower, the person made to sit behind a computer and type because my words come out much better on paper (or on-screen) than they ever do in person. I like to attribute this to God giving us each our own gifts.

Still, Pat makes a very strong case for praying aloud with others. Perhaps someday I'll be able to get enough out of my shell to do it! In the meantime, I know God hears the prayers I do offer and that I am always willing to pray for anyone who needs help (and I hope others are praying for me as well, because God knows I certainly need help, too!). 

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Margaret Mary Myers said...

Hi Patrice,

I understand. I'm not an introvert, although I am timid in some situations. And that is one of them. If one has never done it, it's very hard to begin. I hope some day...

Thank you for sharing.

Margaret Mary

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