Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Book Review: Worthy: See Yourself as God Does

Worthy: See Yourself as God Does
by Amanda Mortus

Do you see yourself as worthy of God’s love? Many women don’t. Due to sin, disappointments in life, and voices in the outside world, Satan is often able to convince women that they have lost God’s love and these women in turn give up hope. “Satan wants nothing more for us than for us to buy into the lie that we can never, ever, ever be redeemed."

Amanda Mortus, a young woman with an important message, wants to reach out to these women who are in such pain and speak the truth of God’s love to them. Worthy: See Yourself as God Does is an incredibly honest book.  Mortus shares her own experience of living a double-life for a semester in college. As she states, she “spent her days as an angel and my nights unleashing the devil within,” spending her time partying, drinking, and spending her time in unhealthy relationships. She deeply regrets that time, but it did give her valuable insight into the lies that Satan is so eager to feed all of us. 

“It is not enough for Satan to lead us to believe that we are unworthy of love, of hope, or joy, or peace, or prosperity, or wealth, or salvation. We must believe that we are truly unworthy of all of those things.” As a result, women end up believing that “we feel we have no right, no place, and no need to hope for mercy.” At times, we believe the lies so much that suicide begins to seem like the only answer. 

So, then, if we have bought into the lies, what is the answer? Is there any hope? Mortus answers that with a resounding yes and offers a blueprint to do it. In Scripture, God is described as the potter forming us out of clay. The healing begins when we bring all our broken pieces to God. “God’s voice is louder than all of the voices that whisper that we are unworthy. His voice is the sound of love, and His voice is telling a different story.”

Mortus offers Mary, “the perfect example of womanhood and of what it means to fully serve God,” and the Proverbs 31 woman, who is “clothed with strength and dignity” as role models for women to look to as they seek to live for God. “As women of worth, we are called to be clothed with strength, which actually means that we are clothed in His strength.” In the end, letting go and surrendering to God is the only way to allow Him to fix our brokenness. 

While written primarily for young women, Worthy is for any woman who struggles with her sense of self or who finds herself looking for love and happiness in all the wrong places. 

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