Thursday, October 16, 2014

Movie Review: Mom's Night Out

Moms Night Out
 came out Mother's Day weekend and was the talk of the Catholic Mom blogosphere, so I do realize that I am coming very late to this party. (This is what happens when you are #127 on the hold list at the library!) However, I finally got to see this movie this past weekend, and I have to say, it was worth every moment of the wait.

Three moms try to take a much-needed night out and it turns into a total comedy of errors. Realistic? Not really. But this is totally laugh out loud funny (even my boys were literally rolling on the ground). If you are a mom, you will recognize yourself in these women at least a little bit. You'll laugh and maybe even cry a little. At the very least, it will be a family-friendly couple of hours, perfect for a family movie night with pre-teen or older kids.

My favorite line from the movie: One of the women is a mommy blogger and she writes "I'm a mess, but I'm a beautiful mess!" Aren't we all :)

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