Friday, March 19, 2021

St. Joseph Consecration Day

I've been doing the Consecration to St. Joseph and today is Consecration Day! I've enjoyed reading and praying with the book by Fr. Calloway especially during the Year of St. Joseph and I encourage you to pick it up if you haven't already. It is a bit hefty. If it takes you longer than 33 days to get through it, I'm sure St. Joseph won't mind.

I didn't get to post about what I was reading as much as I would have liked, but seeing as it is St. Joseph's feast day, I did want to post about a couple of things I found especially interesting. 

One is the relic known as Santo Anello. Apparently this is the wedding ring that St. Joseph gave Mary. The ring is in the Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Perugia, Italy where it is housed in a beautiful reliquary. Married couples as well as those about to be married are invited to touch their wedding rings to the Santo Anello to receive a blessing.  

File:Cattedrale di Perugia, reliquiario del Santo Anello.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons 

Image from:,_reliquiario_del_Santo_Anello.jpg 


The other thing I found interesting was in the chapter on "Sleeping St. Joseph" which discusses the value of sleep:

"God loves sleep. He made it. . . Being a workaholic is never a good things. . . You are not wasting your time when you rest. Sleep is pleasing to God. God will speak to you and refresh your soul when you sleep."

I know there are seasons of life when getting a full night's sleep isn't possible, but if there isn't a compelling reason to be up in the middle of night, make getting a good night's sleep a priority. God made us to both work and rest. 

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