Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Open Book for June 2022


I'm joining up with Carolyn Astfalk who hosts an #OpenBook Linkup on Here's what I've been reading this past month. The dates indicate when I finished the book. I've been super busy this month with work and life and household / outside projects so reading has been taking a back seat and the list is shorter than usual. Thanks for stopping by!


5/4/22 Off the Chain: Gone with the Dogs, Book 1 - Janice Thompson - This is the start of a new series centered on Mari, a vet tech, who dreams of opening a rescue shelter for dogs. This book has a bit of everything - humor, romance, mystery. As the first book in the series it was trying to introduce a lot of characters and plot lines, but it was fun to read. (Read for a book review publication). 

 5/15/22 The Last Garden in England - Julia Kelly - Fans of Downton Abbey (as I am) will love this story centered on a garden at an English estate. It is a triple timeline story featuring three women: the garden designer in 1907, a land girl in WWII, and a modern garden designer trying to restore the garden to its original glory in 2021. I really enjoyed it!

5/22/22 Better Together - Pam Barnhill - I really enjoy Pam Barnhill's homeschooling site. This book discusses Morning Time, a way to start your homeschool day in a peaceful manner. The goal is to review it for my homeschool site, which hopefully I will have time to do soon. If you homeschool, I highly recommend this book. 

5/29/22 Wired for Love - Stephanie Cacioppo - I always enjoy books about neuroscience. In this one, Dr. Cacioppo (an expert in the science of love) discusses what happens in our brain when we love someone in a romantic way. She also shares her unlikely tale of romance (with a fellow doctor who studied loneliness) and the process of grieving she went through when he died of cancer. In some ways, this book holds up the ideal (much like Theology of the Body which also gives me pause), and real life is often messier. But, the science is interesting and the author's experience of grief is truly heartfelt. It made for an interesting read.

Since spring of 2019, I have been making my way through the Great Books Curriculum of Thomas Aquinas College (I'm currently working on the readings for sophomore year). 

5/15/22 Conic Sections - Apollonius - I trudged through this math text about conic sections, parabolas, etc. Apollonius lived from 15 - 100 AD and was a wandering Greek philosopher.


My eleven-year-old daughter and I read the following book this month:


The Fire Chronicle by John Stephens - This is the second in the fantasy / adventure series about the Books of Beginning. My daughter and I have both been enjoying this series.



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Carolyn Astfalk said...

Such a busy time of year! So many things have been intruding on my reading time too. Thank you for linking to An Open Book! I've read a couple of Janice Thompson books, but not for quite a while. Off the Chain looks cute!

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