Friday, May 26, 2006

Saying Thank You

I had my last meeting with my current spiritual director this evening. She is cutting down on her workload and I will be moving to a new director this summer. I have been meeting with her for the past two years at the Center for Spiritual Direction in Holyoke, MA. It can be good to change directors on occasion. Sometimes, God sends people into our lives for just a season and then it is time to move on. I really feel that I have benefited from my current director's counsel, patience, and understanding.

I painted this picture for her as a thank you gift. I hadn't touched my watercolors since I was pregnant with Isaac (4 years ago!). It felt so good to be painting again. It is something I love to do, but comes low on the list of things to be done. This was my second attempt at this painting of sunflowers. I didn't like the first one, although David did like it, which just goes to show beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I like how this one came out, however. I definitely need to make more time to paint in the future.

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