Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book Review: Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome

Homeschooling the Child with Asperger Syndrome
by Lise Pyles
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2004

My older son was recently diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. As a result, I've been taking a crash course on the subject, trying to read and learn all I can. All the books I have read have been helpful in their own way, but most were written by professionals in the academic/psychological world and had a negative view of homeschooling. They advocated professional therapists for every area of difficulty while offering relatively little in advice on how to make modifications at home. As someone who has already been homeschooling for two years, I was searching for something to help me continue on that road while making needed accommodations. I was so thrilled to find this book.

Lise Pyles is a homeschooling mom who has walked the road (as well as having had her child in school). She offers practical suggestions while deferring to experts where necessary. For those not currently homeschooling, she offers the reasons to consider homeschooling. For those already in the trenches, she offers continuing support. While this book certainly does not offer all the answers, it does give one confidence that homeschooling is a very real and desirable option for children with Aspergers. As Pyles states, "In the end, homeschooling is not a panacea, but it's an option worth considering, and it just could be one of the best decisions you will ever make for your special child."

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