Monday, July 11, 2011

On Pipe Dreams and Erasmus Institute

One of my pipe dreams in life was to start a college. I dreamed of a school of Catholic Higher Education in which the classics were studied and rather than subjects being taught individually with little connection between disciplines, there would be cohesion. Each semester would focus on a different historical period in which the literature, art, music, scientific discoveries, and history of that time period could be studied. Now, of course, these colleges do exist.

Nearby New Hampshire seems to be especially fertile ground for them, with Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, The College of St. Mary Magdalen and now The Erasmus Institute of Liberal Arts (actually founded by Peter Sampo, one of the founders of Thomas More College of Liberal Arts).

It is wonderful that there are so many wonderful choices for those seeking this type of education in this part of the country. While my dreams of starting a college like this have come and gone, I still hold on to the dream of working at or teaching at one!

1 comment:

Eric Baker said...

I do hope that one day you can realize this dream. You'd be perfect for it.

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