Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Prayer for New Mothers

I was thinking today how this was my 13th Mother's Day as a mom. That first Mother's Day, my little David was only one month old. I was exhausted and completely overwhelmed and I recall that he puked all over me during our Mother's Day dinner. I can look back and laugh now, but those were tough days.

Two years ago, Mother's Day was two weeks after I had just been handed two small children. I was once again exhausted and completely overwhelmed. At least, by this time, I had the wisdom and experience to tell our moms (and my sister) that "We love you all and wish you a Happy Mother's Day, but we will not be hosting Mother's Day Dinner because I just can't do it."

And so, today, I'd like to offer a prayer for all new moms, whether it is their first or their tenth, who are tired and stressed and weighed down by motherhood. May God be with them as they navigate this new season of their lives and give them strength in this life that He has called them to.

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