Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blinded by the Darkness, Three Short Fantasy Stories

For only 99 cents, you can enjoy Three Short Fantasy Stories by Catholic writer Karl Erickson. Karl writes:

This e-book contains three very different short story offerings from writer Karl Bjorn Erickson. "Stars Within the Glass" is a fantasy, set in a bizarre world where nothing is as it should be. The character's journey explores the finality and tragic nature of suicide.

While "Light in the Darkness," also falls into the broad category of fantasy, it could not be more different from the first tale. Have you ever wondered if there are mermaids swimming along the Oregon Coast? Read on to discover if their purpose is for good or ill.

"Into the Darkness" began as a different kind of story altogether. It almost could be described as a western serial. Plans of including an historical subplot within my new novel were discarded, and that left me seeking a home for this worthy tale. (Be sure to read the author's note after this featured story appears.)

To read these stories, please visit: Blinded by the Darkness, Three Short Fantasy Stories


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