Monday, May 13, 2013

Today's Saint Names of the Day - Audrey and Leonard

Today on the Ave Maria Facebook Contest, the names of the day are Audrey and Leonard.

Audrey  is a top 100 Name. It is an English name meaning "noble strength."

Variations include Adrey, Audey, Audra, Audrah, Audray, Audre, Audrienna, Audrienne, Audrin, Audriya, Audrye, Ethelreda, Etheidreda, Etdelreda

St. Audrey (d. 679), also known as Ethelreda or Etheidreda, was an English princess. She had taken a vow of virginity but was married anyway. Her first marriage ended after three years when her husband died.

The marriage had never been consummated. Her second husband
did not wish to live a celibate life and asked St. Wilfrid to release Audrey from her vow
of virginity, but he refused. He instead helped her to escape. Her husband followed her, but he eventually gave up and married someone else, and Audrey became a nun. She founded the Abbey of Ely and lived an austere life. She died of a large tumor on her neck.

Leonard  is a German name meaning "brave as a lion."

Variations include Leanard, Leanardas, Leanardus, Lennart, Leonardis, Leonardo, Leonart, Leonerd, Leonhard, Leonhardt, Leonidas, Leonnard, Leontes, Lernard, Lienard, Linek, Lionard, Lnard, Londard, Lonnard, Lonya, Lynnard, Lyonard

Saints with that name include: St. Leonard, St. Leonard Kimura, St. Leonard Muraildo, St. Leonard of Noblac, St. Leonard of Port Maurice, St. Leonard of Reresby, St. Leonard Vandoeuvre, St. Leonard Wegel 

St. Leonard (d. 559) was a Frank courtier who converted and became a monk at Micy. He lived as a hermit at Limoges. The king asked him to pray for the queen who was having a difficult delivery. When she delivered successfully, the king offered him all the land he could ride around on a donkey for a day. On that land, he founded Noblac Monastery. He is invoked to help women in labor and for prisoners of war.

For more information on name meanings and patron saints, please visit: The Catholic Baby Name Book

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