Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today's Saint Names of the Day - Diana and Stephen

Today's featured names on the Ave Maria Press Facebook Contest are Diana and Stephen.

Diana  is a Latin name meaning "divine" 
Daiana, Daianna, Dayana, Deana, Dianna, Diaanah, Dianah, Dianalyn, Dianarose, Dianatris, Dianca, Diane, Dianelis, Diania, Dianiah, Dianiella, Dianielle, Dianita Dianna, Dianya, Dianyah, Dianys, Didi, Dihana, Dihanah, Dihanna, Dihannah, Dyana
Bl. Diana d’Andalo (d. 1236) was born into a noble family in Bologna, Italy. She became a Dominican nun and helped found the Monastery of St. Agnes. She was one of the first three Dominican nuns in Bologna.

Stephen is a Greek name meaning "crowned"
Estefan, Estevon, Stefanos, Steffan, Stefos, Stepanos, Stephan, Stephanas, Stephano, Stephanos, Stephanas, Stephens, Stephfan, Stephin, Stepven, Steven
St. Stephen (d. 33) was a deacon and preacher who became the first Christian martyr. He was stoned to death by angry Jews. Saul, who would later become St. Paul, was present.

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