Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Knitting in Prayer for Prayer

Suzanne M. Harker wrote me to share the following information from www.TrinityShawls.com. I don't knit but this sounds wonderful for those that do.

many people use our traditional knitting as a means to quiet their minds, of nourishing their inner being, for releasing their creative energy, for peaceful reflection, and for prayer. The repetitive movement of knitting is a way of quieting and refreshing us at the very same time. Most of us knitters leave a period of knitting refreshed and renewed through reflective knitting.

Trinity Shawls is offering to those of us who knit in this way knitting instructions and prayer guidelines on the very same bi-fold page. This is a way for us to have suggestive ways to help and guide us in a way of knitting in prayer for prayer that we already do instinctively. The mission of Trinity Shawls is to offer professionally designed shawls in beautiful colors with Scriptural inspired meditations for our knitting in prayer for prayer.

Trinity Shawls is introducing the newest Knit-to-Pray Booklet in the series - Knit-to-Pray with Martha and Mary in simplicity. The 4 new shawl designs are for Martha, Mary, Martha/Mary, and Lazarus and are:

Martha Shawl is rose and green to symbolize life!
Mary Shawl is a very soft pink to symbolize serenity!
Martha/Mary Shawl is two shades of blue to symbolize peace!
Lazarus Shawl is in two shades of gray to symbolize God's healing love!

The first publication in the series is entitled Knit-to-pray with three shawl patterns are: The Annunciation (celebration is March 25th), The Visit (celebration is May 1st), and the Nativity (celebration is December 25th). The patterns of each of the three shawls are offered in two beautiful sets of colors for the Fall-to-Winter and Winter-to-Spring Collections. Both collections are in bright colors and patterns with prayer reflections based on the Sacred Scripture.

Knit-to-Pray is a unique way for us to pray through reading the Scripture and meditating on the Scripture reflections while knitting in solitude and in groups. When our shawl is completed, we may use this shawl to create sacred space for ourselves or give it to a friend to continue the journey in praying, reflecting, meditating, and contemplating Sacred Scripture.

For more information, visit www.TrinityShawls.com

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