Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caritas: How You Can Help

Over the course of the past three weeks, we have discussed the profound needs of the children in Africa, how Caritas works in conjunction with the Little Sisters of St. Francis to provide help, and the results of this aid. Caritas is a wonderful organization, but it cannot function without your help.

There are four ways that you can help Caritas and, in so doing, provide love and hope to a child in need.

1) Pray
One cannot overestimate the needs of these children. The reaction of one California volunteer was “What we have here is a state of emergency. We need to call in rescue workers.” Even if one is not able to provide financial support, we are all able to pray. Pray for the children and for the religious sisters who minister to them. Pray for more people to give generously of their time, talent, and treasure to help change the lives of these children.

2) Sponsor a Child
When a child becomes registered in the Caritas program, they are very excited. They want to know when they will be able to start school and receive the other benefits of food, clothing, and medical help. They pray for someone to sponsor them so that they can begin their brand new life. On the Caritas website (, you can view the photos and the profiles of these children waiting for someone to love them. For just $30/month – a mere $1 per day, you can provide these children with the gift of hope and a brighter future. To learn more about sponsorship, visit If you would like to make a one time donation, visit

3) Become a Liaison
A Liaison for Caritas helps orphaned and other disadvantaged children find sponsors. Liaisons help spread the word about Caritas in their churches and communities and walk interested people through the sponsorship process. Liaisons become part of a nation-wide network of individuals who want to make a difference in the world. They live in the knowledge that they are making a lasting effect on the lives of children. If you are interested in becoming a liaison, please email or call 1-888-227-4827.

4) Become a Corporate Sponsor
Perhaps you are a business owner or have influence with someone who is. Caritas relies on both individual and corporate sponsors to help children in need.

There are times when the problems of world hunger and child poverty seem truly insurmountable. Yet it is possible to make a difference, to help change the world one child at a time. Caritas is doing it every day. To find out more about Caritas, please visit or call toll-free 1-888-227-4827.

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