Friday, December 16, 2011

Do the Next Right Thing

Lots of people talk about the importance of making plans in life - the five year plan, the ten year plan, etc. I've never had much luck with those, however. Sure, I have dreams of what I'd like to do and accomplish, but then life (God?) happens and I end up on a different road.

Therefore, I like the idea of doing the next right thing. Often, that is as far down the road as I can see.

This was a quote from Joyful Meditations for Every Day of Advent for today:

Our best first remedy is prayer. Asking God to show us the next right thing to do helps us to get unstuck, stop feeling sorry for ourselves, find clarity in our thinking, bring order to our lives, and treat others with respect and dignity. We might need to ask God to show us the next right thing to do a hundred times a day.

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