Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Ready for a Hurricane

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit us tomorrow. While we aren't supposed to get the brunt of the storm, it is still likely that there will be very high winds and power outages. As some of you may remember, last year we lost power for a full week as a result of a freak snowstorm. That one caught everyone unaware. At least with this storm, we have had time to prepare, and as a result of last year's experience (which featured a great deal of innovation), we knew exactly what we needed to do to get ready, just in case. The gas tanks are full and cell phones are charged, we have cash and flashlights and nonperishable food. All our clothes are currently clean (last year the power went out while I was doing the wash!) Our neighbor generously shares his generator with us, and he came over today to get gas money and we have the extension cords ready to go. Everything outside is tied down or packed away. We can do this . . . but I'm really, really hoping we don't have to.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, this is the reason why, but I hope that I'll be blogging as usual tomorrow night. I pray that you on the east coast all stay safe in the storm.

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Karen Ford said...

If things get hairy here, I'm coming to your house ;-) Sounds like you're more ready than we are. We're fairly well prepared, though!

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