Monday, October 22, 2012

The Road Goes Ever On: A Christian Journey Through the Lord of the Rings

For all of you Lord of the Rings fans.

The Road Goes Ever On: A Christian Journey Through the Lord of the Rings by A.K. Frailey

Award: Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval 
Imprimatur, Bishop Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois

Tolkien's story, The Lord of the Rings, touches the soul in a profound way. Why is that? What makes the heroes so attractive? Can we ever be like them? The power to be strong and valiant is not limited to Middle-Earth. We have been given the same tools and gifts that they offered if we but recognize them. The rings of power in our society tempt us and our children as well. We would be wise if we awakened to that which tries our souls. Take a look at this classic from a Christian perspective, and you might bring Middle-Earth a little bit closer to home.

"Ann gives us a glimpse into the Christian ethos that was fundamental to Tolkien's life and work. Do yourself and your children a favor. Buy, read and soak in this book."
John LaBriola,
author of Onward Catholic Solider   

"In The Road Goes Ever On, A.K. Frailey's quest for meaning in Tolkien's story, The Lord of the Rings, is a quest for both the meaning in the lives of the various characters of his work and the meaning of our own lives as we face numerous 'rings of power' that pull at us through life. Frailey reminds us that "everything we do has meaning, the Lord tends to be surprising, and He can offer us a wide variety of ways to pick up our crosses." The author uses the virtues and vices of Tolkien's creations to remind us that those same virtues and vices are present in modern days. The Road Goes Ever On challenges us to consider whether we are willing to throw the secular ring of power away if we find that it is drawing us away from life's true and good meaning. Are we strong enough to be like Frodo and embrace the ability to see the truth in a situation?"
Joan L. Kelly,
author of Inspirational Adventure Stories


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