Friday, May 17, 2013

Trusting that Something Good Will Come

May is a month especially dedicated to Mary, our Mother in heaven. And all of us mothers here on earth can look to her for example.

Ginny Kubitz Moyer offers a beautiful reflection on Mary and motherhood in the Mary 2013 issue of St. Anthony Messenger: Mary, Exemplar of Faith.

She writes:

Over the six years that I’ve been a mom, I’ve learned that there are certain qualities that are very useful for parents to have. These include a sense of humor, the ability to multitask, and the knowledge of which battles to pick (note: forcing a toddler into a sweater he doesn’t want to wear is the very definition of “lost cause”). As important as all these are, though, I think the most useful parental quality is faith. 

What is faith? I’d define it as the ability to trust that there will be good things ahead. It’s the knowledge that this moment—this crosscountry flight with a screaming baby, this child’s scary bout with pneumonia—is not the final chapter. Something good is waiting to happen. Often that something good is over a distant horizon, impossible to see from where we stand. Faith is the certainty that it is there all the same.

Every parent faces countless situations where faith is required. When I think of Mary, it’s clear that she was an expert in this area. She gave birth on the road; she had to escape to a foreign country for her baby’s safety; she even lost her teenage son for a few terrifying days. When her child was an adult, she saw him saying things that hit a little too close to the bone of the powerful ones, who ended up killing him.

All of it must have taken extraordinary faith on Mary’s part. And yet, even she must have been surprised and overjoyed at the exact nature of the good things that were finally revealed: a resurrection, eternal life, a fleet of devoted friends who would travel the globe to share the message of her son. 

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