Sunday, April 06, 2014

Book Review - Dancing with Fireflies

Dancing with Fireflies
by Denise Hunter
Nashville: TN, 2014

Sometimes, one is simply in the mood to relax with a light romance. Dancing with Fireflies by Denise Hunter is a profoundly pro-life novel which delivers a great story and a romance where one is desperately hoping the main two characters will get together despite all the obstacles in their way.

Jade McKinley left Chapel Springs, Indiana, in order to escape small time life and pursue her dreams, but her dreams did not include being date-raped and becoming pregnant. So, she has returned home with a plan to get her life on track and care for her unborn baby. Not wanting to tell her parents about the true reason for her return, she goes to her friend Daniel's house and asks him to help her find a job. As mayor of the town, he has many connections and is able to assist her. Later on, she asks him to help her find a husband - not someone to love; just someone willing to make a life with her. Little does she know that Daniel has been in love with her for years.

Dancing with Fireflies is filled with enough plot twists to keep one eagerly reading and a happy ending that will leave you smiling. This story makes for some very enjoyable leisure reading.

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