Friday, April 04, 2014

Simple Treasures

Thankfully, spring seems to have finally come to Western Massachusetts, after what has felt like the longest winter ever. It is so good to be able to go out for walks again and soak up some sunshine. Of course, walks with a three-year-old don't necessarily count as exercise. This is the age of exploration. A walk is a meandering adventure with frequent stops to admire the ground and pick up treasures.

My big boys used to do this, too. When they were little, I loved wearing overalls, and by the time we got home from an excursion, all my pockets would be bulging with found items. I don't remember exactly when that impulse stopped with them, but eventually there came a day when we would go for a walk and just do that - walk - and the days of picking up as many items as possible were left behind.

Fast-forward ten years and I've aged out of the overalls, but I definitely need to make sure I'm wearing clothes with pockets. My little foster-daughter is on a mission to pick up every item she can find. To her, they are more precious than gold. This photo shows the haul from our walk yesterday. My two jacket pockets were full of rocks and pine cones and one hand was holding the sticks, so I still had one hand to grab her if a car was coming down the streets of our quiet neighborhood. I don't think I could have held another thing. I may need to start bringing a big bag with me to accommodate her!

In any event, I know that this stage is magical and all too fleeting and I plan to treasure every moment of it as much as she values these simple items. This is the good stuff.

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