Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Making the Most of Menopause Moments


When I unexpectedly got in a review copy of Menopause Moments: A Journal for Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Midlife, I must admit that I snickered a bit. Sadly, I am precisely the target market for this book. This book more accurately is aimed at women going through perimenopause, that unpleasant stage of life before menopause in which your body and hormones seem to stage a revolt. I've been going through it for the past 14 years (which I'm beginning to feel like should be some sort of record). My mother went through menopause early (back then it was referred to as "the change"), so I thought I was following in her footsteps when I started having symptoms in my early 30s. While I know it is better in the long term for my body that I didn't have early menopause, this has been a long haul. At some point, I will make it to the other side. At least that's what I keep telling myself. While there are certainly some perks to being in my forties, this messed-up body is not one of them. 

Anyway, I clearly needed this book. Melanie Rigney offers Scripture passages,  a reflection, suggested action, and journal prompts on a variety of topics facing women at this stage of life. She does so with both understanding and humor (because at times laughing can be a much better response than crying). These prayers, reflections, and journal prompts are designed to help women keep their eyes on God in the midst of all this personal upheaval.

Rigney discusses the many physical changes women go through, such as weight increase, acne, sagging breasts, wrinkles, grey hairs, hot flashes, insomnia, and reduced bone density. She also includes topics on the social challenges such as helping elderly parents, having teen or adult children, changing friendships, and mourning dreams that will never come true. Some of the emotional challenges included in these pages include being irritable and breaking into tears at the slightest provocation. 

Monopause Moments is highly recommended for my fellow women of a certain age who are suffering in the trenches of perimenopause. With God's help, we can both survive and thrive during these challenging years.   

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Making the Most of <i>Menopause Moments</i>

  When I unexpectedly got in a review copy of Menopause Moments: A Journal for Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Midlife , I must adm...