Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today's Great Adventure

It has been so hot the past couple days. The boys and I had been pretty much avoiding the outdoors except for early in the morning and late in the evening. Today promised to be a little bit cooler and I wanted to go for a walk so the boys and I set out mid-morning. We stopped at the bank and Staples en route to our final destination - the park. Despite the meteorologist's predictions, however, it was still very very hot. The boys couldn't go on the slides. It was too warm to run around. All they could really do was sit in the swings and have me push them. After about an hour there, we headed home and I promised them we could stop at the ice cream shop on the way.

As soon as we placed our order, I could hear the rumbles of thunder. Still about 1/2 mile away from home, I decided to wait out the storm at the shop (Thankfully they have a small area of indoor seating). It was a wise decision. The lightning kept striking, the thunder kept booming, and the rain and hail poured down with a vengeance. The boys and I just sat on stools and watched nature put on the show. It was about an hour before we could step out into the flooded streets to walk home. The air was so cool then - so wonderful to feel after the stagnant air of the past couple days.

I actually got caught in a second hail storm tonight as I was driving home from my part-time job! When I got home, though, this beautiful rainbow was in the twilight sky, a reminder that God's promise is still with us.

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