Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Book Review: 365 Unplugged Family Fun Activities

With Summer coming and the kids being out of school, cries of "There is nothing to do!" will soon be heard across the land. 365 Unplugged Family Fun Activities: A Year's Worth of Ideas for TV-Free, Video-Free, and Computer Game-Free Entertainment by Steve and Ruth Bennett comes to the rescue! This book promises a year's worth of ideas for TV-free, video-free, and computer game-free entertainment and it delivers. With this book as a guide, your kids can go on adventure treks through your house, play edible tic-tac-toe, practice cup-stacking, create a newspaper about things going on at home or in your neighborhood, paint coffee filters, or create a video cooking show, and so much more. Many of the ideas are educational and all are fun. I'm sure to use many of the ideas with my children this summer.

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