Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saving Catholic Schools, One at a Time

Catholic Schools have always struggled, but in recent years those struggles have caused many to close their doors. We need Catholic Schools. While primary faith formation should take place in the home, Catholic Schools are able to create a Catholic Culture that CCD programs, no matter how good they may be, simply are not able to replicate. Here is a story about a Catholic school that people have cared enough about to save:

Letter and Donations Make it Easy to Believe (Please note that this article will only be available the next 14 days)

Even though my children will be home schooled next year, my husband and I continue to be supportive of Catholic schools and will continue to volunteer our time and contribute our financial resources. If you went to a Catholic School and it is still open, please consider making a donation to say "thank you" and help provide a Catholic education for a new generation. If you have a Catholic School in your parish, please support it. Perhaps most importantly, pray for our Catholic Schools and for the teachers who work in them. Prayer can indeed work miracles.

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Laura said...

I happen to work in a Catholic school with an abundance of resources, but I am very much aware of the schools in nearby areas that suffer from a serious lack of funding and support. Thanks you for writing this post.

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