Monday, June 09, 2008

General Updates on Life

Isaac graduated from Pre-K today. It was really a very cute ceremony with the kids singing one song from each month that they were in school and then getting their certificates. Isaac sings with such enthusiasm - you could definitely hear his voice!
David will get out of school on the 18th.

We got our school books in for next year last Wednesday. It was very exciting! The boys had such fun looking over all the materials. I was a bit intimidated by the teacher's manuals and extensive lesson plans, but I soon realized we don't have to do everything that is listed there. The plans are there to provide options, not to be slavishly adhered to. Overall, I'm really very pleased with the quality of the materials and feel confident that my children will receive a solid education.

It is 100 degrees here today. I can only remember a handful of times we have hit that milestone here in Massachusetts. Please say a prayer for those who are suffering from the extreme heat, especially the sick and elderly.

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