Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally Spring!

Spring has finally come to Western Massachusetts. Most of April had been cold and rainy, but it has been so beautiful the past few days - warm and sunny. The boys have been out playing and wearing themselves out. This is a beautiful thing because it means that they fall asleep quickly at night! My daffodils are blooming and the tulips which I had all but given up hope on because they were three inches tall and showed no signs of buds are actually making some progress as well!

I am not a great gardener by any stretch of the imagination. Truly, I kill more plants than I manage to grow, but there is something wonderful about seeing all these little sprouts poke their heads through the ground after lying dormant all winter. Spring is such a time of hope and promise. It does the mind and body good just to be out in the fresh air, reconnecting with nature (covered with appropriate amounts of sunblock, of course!)

Thank you, God, for these beautiful spring days!

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