Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Make the Most of Little Blocks of Time

As a mother, I often find that I have short spurts of down time when my children are engaged in some activity. This was true even when my children were very small. These are admittedly little blocks of time – maybe 5 minutes. If I am really lucky I might get 20 minutes. So I have learned to make the most of these moments. I don’t know if it is a gift that God bestows on mothers upon the birth of their first child or if it just comes out of necessity, but most mothers I know are incredibly productive people. We simply have to do more with less time.

So, the key becomes to take advantage of the time you are given. What can you do in 5 or 10 minutes? You can speed-clean a room, making it at least look presentable. You can skim a newspaper and get caught up on your favorite comics. You can read a couple of magazine articles or part of a book. You can say a few decades of the rosary or engage in some moments of meditation. You can sort through your most recent pile of photos, making piles of those you want to keep, share, or toss. You can check your email. You can empty the dishwasher or dryer. You can water the flowers. You can take a powernap Embrace the little bits of time you are given. You don’t need to have huge blocks of time to accomplish something.

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