Thursday, May 24, 2007

Leap of Faith

A few posts back, I wrote about how I was considering implementing a big change in my life. Today I took that leap of faith. I wrote a letter to David's school offering my services to create a program for gifted students. The impetus for this is my younger son Isaac who is several grades ahead in Math. He will be starting Kindergarten in '08 and I would like there to be something in place for him. I also feel there is a real need for it. No Catholic school in my area offers such a program.

So, I wrote the principal a letter, took a deep breath, and delivered it today. I don't know what will happen. They may choose to ignore it and life will go on. Or they may take me up on my offer and I will be forced to rise to the occasion. It is in God's hands now. I know that I would have regretted not attempting to do something, however. Sometimes all you can do is take a leap of faith and trust in God that it will turn out the way it is supposed to.


martha said...

Good Luck Patti. Emily has a gifted program at her school. She was tested for it, but needed a 97 and she only got a 87 (only). It is a great thing to have in school for those who are bored with the regular lessons. I hope you hear good news from the school!

Lisa M. Hendey said...

Patrice - good for you! We have an after school "GATE" program at our Catholic School for the gifted kids. It is not really related to their regular schoolwork, but is a once a week enrichment program to compliment the regular curriculum. Let me know if you'd like more information on it and I can share that with you. Great job on doing this for your son and the others who will surely benefit from it as well. Lisa

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