Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting Ready for Lent

I'm finding it hard to believe, but the calendar assures me that Lent starts one week from today. Which means . . . it is time to start getting ready. What are you going to do to get your spiritual house in order this Lent?

St. Anthony's Messenger features a great article on Cleaning our Spiritual Closets by Jeanne Hunt.

I especially like these nontraditional ideas of ways to make your Lent more spiritually transforming:

1) Proclaim an electronic fast on weekends - spend the time with those you love instead.

2) Stay out of unnecessary stores - instead of buying more stuff, throw (or give) away three things a day.

3) Go green - perform a random act of kindness for the earth each day (I would think performing random acts of kindness for people is pretty good, too!)

4) Fast from media - give up TV, the internet, radio, etc.

5) Walk everywhere you can - good for the environment and your body!

As Hunt states, we need to look at our own lives and our own weaknesses. What is it that we need to work on in yourselves. "Most of all, don't do something that comes easily. Your Lenten workout should hurt a little. We will know when we are changing for good when it takes effort to do the deed."

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