Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Giving Everything to God

I'm currently reading My Other Self: Conversations with Christ on Living Your Faith by Clarence J. Enzler. It is a reprint of a book originally published in 1957. In the tradition of "The Imitation of Christ," it encourages Christians to "take on Christ" - to imitate him in all things. It is written as if it is Christ himself talking to you. It is truly a powerful book and every page has me reflecting.

One of the passages I read today talked about giving everything to God, even our sins and failings (which are the parts of ourselves we most try to hide.) It offered this prayer:

Take my sins, dearest Lord, as you desire, . . . Take my impurities, my quarreling, my disobedience, my laziness, my unkindness, my impatience, my thefts, my lies, my angers, my intemperance, my avarice, my horrible pride.

Take all these sins and faults and cleanse my soul with a single drop of your precious Blood - and teach me to love your will.

I am yours, Lord, and I belong to none but you; I love you more than my own being, more than myself. I am not my own. I am wholly yours, your other self.

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