Monday, April 09, 2012

Ignatius Liberal Studies Program

For those of you interested in a Great Books On-Line High School or College Program, Ignatius Press in conjunction with Angelicum Academy offers a Liberal Studies Program:

In 2010 Ignatius Press and the Angelicum Great Books Program joined with cooperating colleges in the US, Australia, and Europe, to launch the Ignatius-Angelicum Liberal Studies Program (LSP), an online program of college-level studies coordinating the best of home and distance learning with online classes from several sources.

These courses are available starting in high or home school and progress through undergraduate and graduate courses.

Students in the Liberal Studies Program can begin earning up to 48 college credits (1½ years of college) while in high or home school with the excellent Great Books Program, for which credits are accepted by numerous colleges and universities. College-level students can take solid undergraduate theology courses (taught by Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J., Th.D. - himself a student of Pope Benedict XVI), and sound philosophy courses designed by renowned Thomist philosopher Dr. Peter A. Redpath (author and for many years full professor of philosophy at St. John’s University), augmented by other courses towards one of several bachelor's degrees.

For more information, please visit: Liberal Studies Program

If you would like information on Angelicum Academy's K - 12 homeschool program, please visit: Angelicum Academy

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