Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Bit of Spring in the Midst of Fall

It has been raining here the last five days. Everything is damp and dismal and today there was a cold bite to the wind letting us know that winter is right around the corner.

Several weeks ago, my son David (age 4 1/2) asked me to plant some apple seeds in an unused pot that I had on my windowsill. I complied and had been watering them faithfully with absolutely no results. In fact the only thing that was growing in that pot was a bit of fuzzy mold on top of the potting soil. Just yesterday, I was thinking how I either needed to get another plant for the pot or just empty out the soil. But today, I was standing at the sink washing out some dishes when a little bit of green caught my eye. I looked closer and there it was - the tiniest of green sprouts sticking its head through the dirt! God worked another mini-miracle and brought a little bit of spring into the darkest of fall days.

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