Thursday, October 20, 2005

What a Little Faith Can Do

My mother taught me to pray as a child. The first word I ever recognized when learning to read was in one of her prayer books. From the age of 5, my mother, sister and I (and sometimes my father) would say the rosary together as a family. We would pray daily for every cause imaginable. Every concern in our life we would bring to the Lord in prayer. I have continued that course of action in my own life. God hears a lot from me, and I do get my answers, although they are definitely in God's time. There have been situations that I have prayed for for years before a resolution came my way. And even though I always pray that God's will be done, God's will sometimes seems a little elusive in my life.

Not so with my mother's prayers. Even now, when my sister or I need major help with some situation in life, we turn to our mother. We pray also, of course (did I mention God hears a lot from me?), but her prayers get answers. Even my husband acknowledges that my mother has a direct line to heaven. Just today, there was a situation weighing heavily on my mind. I started a St. Jude's Novena regarding it, but called my mother for a little reinforcement. By 6 o'clock tonight I had an answer. My mother always says it is just that when two of us pray together it is more powerful. Perhaps that is true, but I also believe that my mother has a faith that I don't even come close to, at least not yet. My mother is not a perfect person, but this is her gift, a gift that she received from God by way of her grandmother, a gift that I would like to think has been passed along to me.

Dear Lord, help me to have faith, to always believe that you will show me the way. Amen.

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