Friday, October 21, 2005

Dancing with abandon

My younger son Isaac (who is almost 3) loves music. Sometimes he'll have me carry him and he'll be my "dancing partner." Other times he does what my husband and I have affectionately dubbed "The White Boy Stomp" - he stamps his feet around the room, claps his hands, and bobs his head. It is so funny to see, and he usually wants me to do it with him! What I love to see is the enthusiasm with which he dances. He is not self-conscious. He lives completely in the moment and his dancing is a reflection of the joy within him.

As adults we worry so much about our actions. Of course, there are many things we do need to be concerned about. But maybe, just for a little while, we could turn our worries over to God, and just bask in the joy of a moment. Maybe we could do our own version of the "White Boy Stomp" and let our inner child be free.

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