Friday, October 14, 2005

If I could freeze time . . .

I am really not a baby person. Yes, babies are cute and cuddly but they require a high degree of care 24/7. Of course, I loved my children when they were babies, but I like them a whole lot more now that they have grown up a bit. I was thinking today how, if it were possible, I'd like to keep them right where they are now, with David 4 1/2 and Isaac nearly 3.

There are challenges with the ages they are now. They are prone to the occasional emotional meltdown (at least one a day per child), picking up after themselves is a virtue they have yet to fully incorporate into their lives, and it would be extremely nice if Isaac were fully potty-trained and could make it through an entire mass sitting quietly in our pew. Just tonight they were both screaming at the top of their lungs that they did not want to take a bath.

Yet, for the most part, things are pretty good. They actually like each other, and at least 90% of the time are happy to play together. They both speak in complete sentences and are interesting to talk to. Every day they learn something new and are eager to share it. They are still small enough that they enjoy cuddling, kisses, and hugs. I can still control their daily media intake and their exposure to the world at large. They have friends, but their peers have yet to take on the influential role that they will have in just a couple years. We have a couple of social and educational obligations each week, but nothing compared to what we will face as the boys start school and organized sports. This is our time to just be a family and I am enjoying it. I know I can't stop time, but if I could, this would be a great place to be.

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