Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Finding God in Silence

Every morning I read the Bible selections for the day using Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotions as a guide. Today's reflection was by Sr. Charleen Hug who questioned "What happened to time to simply be, if for no other reason to regroup and recall the presense of the God who surrounds us?" Life is always so noisy and modern electronic gadgets have only made it more so. This is a topic I have reflected on as well, even writing an article on it: Searching for Silence in a Noisy World. I am not looking to ban TVs, radios, or cell phones. All have their place in the world. What is important, however, is to take the time to unplug. Take a walk without an ipod or walkman. If you are not actually watching the TV, turn it off. Lose the background noise, if only for a little while. We can't hear God speak to us if we always have some other noise drowning him out.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree - as I read your article with my cell phone in my pocket while listening to iTunes, uploading to my iPod, keeping up with e-mails and otherwise decompressing from my day, I was reminded how much we NEED silence. We need it to regroup and to do what is overlooked in our society - time to think.

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